The QMA Unveils “Maman” Sculpture at Qatar National Convention Center

A new sculpture by world-renowned contemporary American artist Louise Bourgeois has been unveiled at the Qatar National Convention Center on the grounds of Qatar Foundation. The sculpture, named “Maman”, is a large spider that will occupy a central location in the upcoming convention center scheduled to officially open next December.

Rising at about 9 meters high, the 8-legged sculpture made of steel is an ode from Bourgeois to her mother who worked as a weaver in France. The symbolism of motherhood is especially striking through the presence of a sac that hangs above the viewer’s head, containing 17 white and grey eggs made of marble. In the artist’s eyes, “Maman” also represents continual renewal of the cycle of life.


Maman, a giant sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

The sculpture is very popular to viewers around the world and has made appearances in several cities such as London, Paris, Geneva, Beunos Aires and St Petersburg. There are a total of 6 editions of Maman by Louise Bourgeois and this one will be permanently located at the new Qatar National Convention Centre.

Commenting on the importance of the sculpture to Qatar, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa Bint Hamad Al Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums Authority said: “Louise Bourgeois’ Maman is a true icon of 20th Century art, an artwork that has captured the attention of millions around the world. We are proud to present this magnificent sculpture at the Qatar National Convention Centre. Through displaying various forms of art in public spaces we aim to inspire local talent and to establish an organic connection between art and the local community.”

From 20 January – 1 June, 2012, Qatar Museums Authority will present a solo exhibition for the late artist Louise Bourgeois titled “Louise Bourgeois: Conscious and Unconscious” at QMA Gallery in Katara. The exhibition will feature works of contemporary art and expose visitors to the talent, context and mindset of Louise Bourgeois.

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